Cooling Triangular Bandanas

Polar Breeze Bandanas

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SKU: CT-4450


Clearance sale!!  These large bandanas are designed for our customers who want an alternative for their cooling needs. The polymer embedded cooling towel is sewn into the bandana, and you can use these in a variety of ways. Simply soak in cold water for five minutes and wring out gently. Use as a headband, around the neck, or as a head covering! These bandanas are also perfect for use on your pets! Machine washable also!  

These bandanas are sewn in our studio using domestic and imported 100% high-quality cotton. These bandanas are available in two sizes. The regular size measures 27x19x19 inches. The extra large (XL) size measures 33x23x23 inches. (Please allow some variation of the size of the bandana due to the sewing process.) Currently only available in two colors:  XL Light Royal Blue and XL On Eagle's Wings. Selling quickly so order soon!