Cooling Boob Toobs

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Back by popular demand!  

Boob Toobs are one of our fun designs that can really benefit women! We currently make them in white or beige. However, if you want another color for Boob Toobs, please email us. Boob Toobs are similar to the cooling neck wraps but are designed to cool the breast and mid-torso area. They are sold in pairs and inserted in the underside of the bra after soaking. Boob Toobs provide that extra cooling effect for women who are athletes, warehouse workers, women with hot flashes, or working in hot environments! Boob Toobs are durable and long lasting. Order in sizes B/C, D/DD, DDD, or G/H. (Sometimes size DD is referred to as size E, size DDD is referred to as size F, and size DDDD is referred to as size G in some bra sizing charts.)