Arctic Cooling Sun Hat

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This Arctic Cooling Sun Hat is a durable and lightweight sun hat that will keep you cool and protected in the summer heat! It is currently available in one color only - silver gray. One size will fit most men and women, and there is an adjustable drawstring for a better fit as well as an adjustable strap so the hat won't fall off easily! 
The hat is extremely easy to use:
  • Wet the inside liner with cold water.
  • Gently wring out the excess water.
  • Wear and rewet as needed for cooling effect.
  • Hand wash in mild soap and water. (Do not wash in a washing machine.)

This hat has the evaporative cooling towel sewn into the crown and around the front and back of the head. There is an open mesh fabric sewn onto the side sections for additional ventilation. In addition, there is a sweat band sewn around the entire head section. This hat will also provide protection from harmful UV rays. The Arctic Cooling Sun Hat is made from nylon, aluminum film, cotton, and polyurethane film. Imported.