Neck Wrap Information

Instructions and Care:

Some fabric colors have been reported to "bleed" after soaking. Please test for color fastness before wearing since we do not prewash our fabrics. You can also dissolve 1 teaspoon of table salt in the bowl of cold water before putting in the neck wrap to soak, and this helps to keep the darker colors from "bleeding." We also recommend that you let the Cooling Neck Wrap then dry out completely or until the crystals return to their granular state. This can take several days. Then resoak the bandana to reinflate the crystals. 

1.  After removing the neck wrap from the package, gently shake the center casing so that the dry crystals will be distributed evenly.

2.  Soaking times may vary, depending on the quality of water. Soak in cold water for 10-30 minutes or until neck wrap is full and firm. DO NOT OVER-SOAK, as this may cause the gel to seep through the fabric. If soaking in hard water, it may take up to 30 minutes for the crystals to inflate. You can also add ice cubes to the cold water for extra cooling effect in soaking.

3.  Squeeze the gel gently in either direction to evenly distribute it across the length of the crystal chamber.

4.  Pat dry with a clean towel so that there is no dripping water. Let the neck wrap air dry for five to ten minutes or you can put in the refrigerator and this will help the fabric to dry a bit.

5. Wear around your neck or forehead all day.

6.  If you use the neck wrap on a daily basis, keep refrigerated (inside a ziplock bag) for next day's use. Just be sure to take the bandana out of the zip lock at least daily and allow to be in the air for a few hours if you are not going to use the bandana. Then, you can put it back in the zip lock bag and put it in the refrigerator. This will avoid a potential mildew growth. However, be sure to check out our FAQ section on how to remove a mildew smell from the bandana if it develops. If you find that your cooling neck wrap is developing a "slimy" feel after being in a ziplock bag in the refrigerator, just rinse for about 30 seconds under cold water, pat dry with a clean and dry towel, and then let air dry for 10 minutes at least. See the FAQ for more information. 

7.  Hand wash only in mild soap and water.


9.  DO NOT put the neck wrap in the washing machine or clothes dryer.

10. Once inflated, the neck wrap can be rehydrated if needed by soaking for 1 to 2 minutes in cold water.

11. Prior to long-term storage, allow the neck wrap to completely air dry to avoid potential mold growth. It takes several days for the crystals to completely dry. The crystals flatten as they dry. Fold the neck wrap and store in a ziplock bag. When ready to use again, soak again for 10-30 minutes. The neck wraps are very durable with proper care and can last for years!

12. If outside all day, we recommend buying two neck wraps. Inflate both neck wraps. Wear one neck wrap and keep the other neck wrap in a ziplock bag in a cooler with ice. Switch the neck wraps when one neck wrap loses its cooling effect. 

Health Benefits and Uses

Cools by evaporation, reducing your body temperature by 3-4 degrees. 

  • Helps reduce the risk of heat/sun stroke. Provides temporary relief for headaches/migraines, fever, insect bites, sprains, swelling, minor sports injuries and more.
  • Works to ease those nasty HOT FLASHES.
  • Excellent product for people who suffer with MS.
  • Great for gardening or yard work, hiking, hunting, fishing, concerts, camping, jogging, cycling, construction or many other physical activities. Even nurses have found that the neck wraps would be of great benefit to women in labor and delivery as well. 
  • Can also be worn by police, fire fighters and military personnel (check appropriate ordinances and regulations beforehand).

Why Use Our Bandanas?

  • The quality of our American made products is far superior.
  • We double the amount of water absorbing crystals in our neck wraps for longer lasting relief.
  • We individually machine stitch (not serge) each bandana using the highest quality 100% cotton fabric. Most of our cotton fabric is exclusively American made. This results in a sturdy and durable fabric. 
  • We guarantee our product or your money back.
  • Defects in materials and workmanship or unhappy customers ARE NOT ACCEPTABLE TO US!
  • If you are not satisfied, simply return your Polar Breeze Bandana within 30 days for a free replacement or refund of your purchase price. Please read our return policy.
  • Yes, you may pay a little more for our product, but you WILL NOT be disappointed.
Our Product

Made from cool, comfortable, natural 100% cotton fabrics. Polar Breeze Bandanas measure about 41-42 inches long by 2 inches wide.
The crystal chamber measures about 16 inches long, leaving plenty of fabric to tie around the neck or forehead.


Animals overheat too. Tie a Polar Breeze Bandana around your supervised pets' neck and treat them to instant cooling relief as well.
It's quick, it's easy, and best of all, it's "mess free." We also offer our Neck Bands that use a cooling towel and are perfect for Pets and Children.