How do I contact you?  

-You can call us at 615-325-1663, Monday-Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., CST. Our email address is info@polarbreezebandanas.com. Our emails are monitored even during the times that we are closed, and if possible, we can answer your message. We are also on Facebook! Our mailing address is Polar Breeze Bandanas, PO Box 930, Portland, TN 37148.

Is your site secure for credit cards?
-We respect your privacy and only use your information for our business communications with you. We do not sell or rent your information. Your purchase is secured using PayPal payment processing and SSL. We do not store your credit card information on our servers, so you can be assured of the highest levels of security when buying from us!


    Can I make a phone order?
    - Yes! We take phone orders. Just call us at 615-325-1663. We are open 9-5 Monday-Friday, central time. If we do not answer, please leave a voicemail and we will call you back on the same business day.


    I want to change (add/edit) my order.

    -If you want to substitute an item for the same price, we can do that for you as long as you email/call us before the order is sent. If you want to delete an item or cancel the order, we can do this and refund your money. However, if you want an item added to your order, we cannot make changes with your credit card. If you will place another order for the added item and notify us, we can ship the two orders together and only charge you postage for one order.

    What happens if I order the wrong item?
    -Please email/call as soon as possible and we can make changes to your order. Please see above question for more information.

    Can I still order something if it is sold out?
    -Please email/call if you are interested in a specific pattern that is no longer available. We will try to obtain this for you if at all possible.

    Do you sell your products in stores nationwide? Can I visit your store?
    -We sell online only. We do not sell through stores. The main reason we decided to be an online retailer is that it keeps our prices as low as possible without the expense of a store front. Our office is for employees only.

    How fast can I get my order?
    -If you need your order by a certain date, please allow us 24-48 hours to ship the order plus the mailing time listed below. When you are placing your order online, you will come to the shipping options. We currently charge flat rates via the USPS. If you want something overnight, the postage cost will be $22.00 via USPS Priority Express. Next, we offer USPS Priority which takes 2-3 days to arrive for $6.00. Finally, we have USPS First Class which takes 5-7 days to arrive for $4.00. PLEASE NOTE THAT THESE OPTIONS VARY ON WEIGHT OF YOUR PACKAGE. We also offer Free Shipping:  Orders that total $20.00 to $49.99 will be sent USPS First Class, which takes 5-7 days to arrive. Orders that total $50.00 and over will be sent USPS Priority, which takes 2-3 days to arrive. If you need further information or are interested in International shipping, please see Shipping & Returns at the bottom of our website.

    Do you have free shipping?

    -YES! We are proud to offer free shipping to the USA. Please see our website sections entitled Shipping and Returns or Free Shipping for more information.

    Do you ship overseas?
    -As of February 2017, we ship to some countries via USPS:  Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Germany, and the United Kingdom. We also ship to all USA territories. Please see our Shipping & Returns at the bottom of our website for more information.

    Why did you increase your postage rates for overseas orders?

    -We were forced to increase our rates as of February 1, 2017, due to increased postage rates by the USPS. We try to keep the rates as low as possible.

    How much is postage to a US territory?
    -We shipped to US territories based on the postage rates on USPS.com.

    Do you ship to APO/FPO/DPO address?

    -Polar Breeze Bandanas proudly support our US military members and ship to APO/FPO/DPO addresses. However, USPS does require specific information for mailing military packages:  Rank and Name, PSC or Unit, Box Number, APO/FPO/DPO, Zip Code. The same postage rates as Domestic Shipping will apply to military shipments. Please email us if you have further questions.

    How do you ship your orders? Can I use Fedex or UPS?
    -We ship via USPS unless you order a bulk order. If you prefer another shipping method, please contact us. We can ship via FedEx or UPS; however, their shipping rates are much higher than the USPS.

    Do you charge taxes?
    -Only the residents of Tennessee are required to pay taxes at the rate of 9.25%.

    Why are some of your Cooling Neck Wraps different prices?
    -The full price of our Cooling Neck Wraps is $7.99 currently. However, we do offer sales prices of $6.99 and clearance prices of $5.99. We vary the sales and clearance items from time to time and try to keep the prices as stable as possible and pass along any savings to you.

    If I want to return the neck wrap, what do I do?
    -Polar Breeze offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed. ITEMS MUST BE RETURNED WITHIN 30 DAYS OF PURCHASE, UNUSED, AND IN ORIGINAL PACKAGING. PACKING SLIP MUST ALSO BE INCLUDED IN THE RETURN SHIPMENT. Polar Breeze will refund the purchase price only. We do not offer refunds on shipping costs. Please email if you have any questions. International customers please refer to the Shipping and Returns section on the website for more information on returns.

    (Please also check out our "Neck Wrap Information" here: http://polarbreezebandanas.com/pages/neck-wrap-information)


    Are neck wraps safe for children? Pets?
    -The neck wraps are not a toy. For that reason, only responsible children should use the neck wraps. The neck wraps can be tied around a pets neck but please supervise the pet while they are in use. Unsupervised pets can chew through the neck wrap to the crystals and may become sick or become strangled by the neck wrap. We do offer Hyperkewl Neck Bands that are appropriate for use by children and pets. The neck band is smaller than the cooling neck wrap, and the neck band has a polymer-enhanced cooling towel instead of cooling crystals. Please see the Children And Pets section on the website for more information.

                          Do you include instructions with the neck wrap?
                          -Yes we do! An instruction card is sent with every neck wrap.

                          How long do neck wraps stay cold?
                          -How long neck wraps stay cool depends on the climate and how they are being used. In a dry climate and if you are using them while physically active, they can stay cool 3-5 hours. If you are in a hot, humid environment while being physically active, the neck wraps can stay cool up to 2 hours.

                          How can I keep the neck wraps cold all day long?
                          -It is recommended to have 2 neck wraps to keep cool all day long. While wearing one inflated neck wrap, keep the other neck wrap either in a refrigerator or in a cooler on ice inside a zip lock bag and switch them out when needed. It also helps to "roll" the neck wrap that you are wearing once every hour. You will find that the fabric next to your skin will be warmer after a time, while the other side of the neck wrap (not next to your skin) will be cooler.

                          Do I have to let them dry out before I use them each time?
                          -The neck wraps only need to be soaked one time. As long as they are kept cool, they will not dry out and will remain inflated. We recommend after each daily use to place the neck wraps in a ziplock bag and store them in a refrigerator or cooler until the next use. However, remember not to store the inflated neck wrap inside a ziplock bag in the refrigerator for extended periods of time. The neck wrap will develop a mildewy smell.


                          I accidentally left an inflated Cooling Neck Wrap in a zip lock bag and forgot about it. The bandana is still hydrated but has formed some mildew. How can I safely remove the mildew?

                          -The neck wraps are very durable and the mildew smell can be removed. Remove the neck wrap from the zip lock bag, rinse it quickly under cold water, and pat dry with a clean towel. Then, let the neck wrap/bandana air dry completely. This can take up to four days. The neck wrap will flatten out as the crystals lose moisture. After the neck wrap is dry, you can then hand wash the neck wrap. Use a mild detergent and cold water. Do NOT put the neck wrap in a washer!! It can ruin your washer. After hand washing, let the neck wrap air dry. At this point, the mildew smell should be gone. If not, repeat the hand washing.

                          How can I wash the neck wraps?
                          -DO NOT wash in the washing machine. This will ruin your washer! If needed, hand wash with mild soap, rinsing under cool water. Once the crystals are inflated, keep the neck wrap from water as much as possible or the neck wrap could over-inflate.

                          What are the crystals made of?
                          -The crystals inside of the neck wraps are polymer based compound manufactured in the US. The crystals are safe, nontoxic, and not flammable.


                          Why do some other neck wraps on the market advertise that you only have to soak them for about 5 minutes?

                          -We suggest that you be careful when buying these types of neck wraps. The crystals in these neck wraps are actually designed to be used in baby diapers. The crystals will soak up water quickly and expand but are not designed to be used over and over. We use only high-quality polymer crystals, and our neck wraps can be reused over and over. 

                          Is everything on your site Made in the USA?
                          -We feel strongly about Made in the USA products. For that reason, we seek out fabric suppliers that are in the USA. We are happy to report that some of our fabric is completely Made in the USA – grown and woven in North and South Carolina and made in Tennessee. Our Classic Bandanas are made from one of the largest textile companies in South Carolina.

                          Why do you offer “cooling” and “non-cooling” products?
                          -We’ve had many customers wanting classic, non-cooling bandanas so we are happy to recently offer these. We became an authorized distributor of Hyperkewl in 2011 to offer a variety of cooling products along with our handmade Polar Breeze neck wraps.

                          Do you offer "warming" products?

                          - No, we focus on cooling products and classic bandanas.

                          What is Hyperkewl?
                          -Hyperkewl is one of the largest manufactures of cooling products in the world. The products we offer from Hyperkewl do not use polymer crystals. They use a cooling towel inside of baseball caps, beanies, skull caps, wrist wraps, etc.

                          What items are made exclusively by Polar Breeze Bandanas?
                          -We design and make all of the Cooling Neck Wraps and Cooling Boob Toobs on our website. In the future, we will be adding even more handmade items by Polar Breeze Bandanas. We are currently designing Cooling Hair Bands and Cooling Triangular Bandanas.


                          What are Cooling Boob Toobs?

                          -Boob Toobs are one of our fun designs that can really benefit women! We currently make them in the colors of WHITE or BEIGE ONLY. (However, if you want another color for Boob Toobs, please email us.) Boob Toobs are similar to the cooling neck wraps but are designed to cool the breast and mid-torso area. They are sold in pairs and inserted in the underside of the bra after soaking. Boob Toobs provide that extra cooling effect for women who are athletes, warehouse workers, women with hot flashes, or working in hot environments! Boob Toobs are durable and long lasting. 


                          Can I sleep in a Cooling Neck Wrap?

                          -We do get this question a lot but please do not sleep in the Cooling Neck Wrap. We have had one instance of a customer that did sleep with the neck wrap on and ended up rolling over onto the neck wrap, which caused the gel to seep out of the neck wrap. If you do need a cooling product while sleeping, please consider the Cooling Neck Band, which is made with a cooling towel and can be used without fear of gel seeping out.


                          What is a Cooling Neck Band? How are they different from a Cooling Neck Wrap?

                          -The Cooling Neck Band is made with a polymer-enhanced cooling towel instead of cooling crystals. The neck band is smaller than the cooling neck wrap. You only have to soak the neck band in cold water for five minutes, wring out the excess water, and pat dry with a clean towel. We provide the Cooling Neck Band because they are very appropriate for Children and Pets, but adults can use them too. The Cooling Neck Bands, however, will stay cold for a shorter period of time than the Cooling Neck Wraps. We find that the Cooling Neck Bands will stay cold for one to two hours, depending on the temperature and your physical activity. When the Cooling Neck Band loses its cooling effect, soak in cold water again for five minutes, wring out, pat dry, and it is ready to use again. The Cooling Neck Band should be hand washed in mild soap and water.


                          Can you donate to our organization/fundraiser?
                          -Polar Breeze Bandanas believes in giving back to the community. However, we receive numerous requests for donations each year. For this reason, we only donate to selected charities that are personally known to Polar Breeze Bandanas employees.

                          Do you wholesale/resale?
                          -Polar Breeze Bandanas is not a manufacturing plant. We design and make all of our products (except Hyperkewl products) in our studio. We keep the focus of our business on quality products and superior customer service. We do not wholesale our products, especially the Cooling Neck Wraps, at this time as we simply cannot compete with the price on imported products. However, we encourage businesses to give us a call or email us if you are interested in buying a large amount of our products. We define these as Bulk Orders of 50 or more items (of any item on the website) and offer generous discounts on the total purchase price in addition to free shipping. If you are interested in buying in bulk, please call us at 615-325-1663 or email us at info@polarbreezebandanas.com

                          If I have a specific fabric I want in a neck wrap, can you do that for me?
                          -In the past we have had groups send us their material that they want to use. Please contact us for more information on the type of material we will need and prices.

                          When are you open?
                          -9am-5pm central standard time Monday-Friday.