Custom Orders

Cooling Neck Wraps:  Do you have a team or group that uses specific colors? We can custom make Cooling Neck Wraps in your specific colors, using 1 or 2 or 3 colors! Before placing an order, email or call Polar Breeze Bandanas and ask about the availability of specific fabric. These orders will take more time to process.

Cooling Neck Wraps using Specific Fabrics with a Theme:  We do keep a supply of licensed fabric based on a theme. Right now we have several Disney and Star Wars fabric in stock. If you are interested in having a Cooling Neck Wrap made with a fabric using a sports team or movie character, please email us. We do not place these fabrics on the website due to licensing agreement conflicts.

Cooling Knee Pads:  These cooling pads are designed to be used on the knee; however, they can be used on other parts of the body also. These pads reduce the hassle of traditional ice packs since the cooling effect lasts longer but is more gentle. The pads are sewn with six compartments so that the gel will not shift as you wrap it around your knee. The finished size of the picture is 6x11 inches, but we can custom make these to any size or color. Please email or call before placing an order.