Cooling Triangular Bandanas - Items tagged as "Bandana"

We are excited to introduce a new collection to our store - the Cooling Triangular Bandanas! This is another product that was made for a specific request from one of our customers. They wanted a way to use a  cooling towel, without "a rag on my head." So, we designed these bandanas! They have a cooling towel sewn into the bandana. Just soak the bandana in cold water for five minutes, wring out gently, and use as desired. Machine washable and line dry! 

Our pictures show some of our suggestions:  use as a head scarf, neck band, head band, or a do-rag. Currently available in two sizes (regular and XL) and four colors:  Old Glory, XL Light Royal Blue, XL On Eagle's Wings, and XL Solid Black. Simply click on the box below to place your order!