Cooling Neck Wraps - Items tagged as "Yellow"


December 8, 2020: Please note that overnight delivery on all domestic orders is once again available. 

Our Cooling Neck Wraps have crystals in the center casing. Soak in cold water for up to 30 minutes. Each Cooling Neck Wrap measures about 42x2 inches, with a 16-inch center casing that fits comfortably around the neck and 13-inch ties. Please see our section on the website entitled Neck Wrap Information for more details.

So, how do our customers use these Cooling Neck Wraps? 

  1. Outdoor sports - hiking, running, bicycling.
  2. Use to keep pets cool.
  3. Outdoor workers - construction workers, roofers, mail carriers, landscapers.
  4. People who have a sensitivity to heat due to medical issues or medication side effects.
  5. Use to work in a garden or mow the grass.
  6. Employees who work in a factory or building that has no air conditioning.
  7. Patients undergoing chemotherapy treatments.
  8. People vacationing in hot climates.
  9. Parents and grandparents who attend outdoor sports events.
  10. Helps to relieve hot flashes!