We're Officially Cooking

Very much looking forward to receiving your product. We were devastated in the Colorado floods last September.  We lost over 1000 trees in our area and we are officially cooking. Your product will get a lot of attention this summer in our area. I'm going to be sure to tell everyone!! Thanks for putting out a good product....
Angie- CO

A Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the designs on the neck coolers I ordered.  My first experience with this product was when I bought one in Alice Springs, Australia.  "The Original Cobber" it was called. It really worked.  So, of course, I took it along to Cuba.  There it worked just great until I left it behind in a hotel mini-fridge.  :-(
When I discovered there are other people making the same thing I explored online and decided your product sounded the best and had the nicest fabric designs.  I soaked one of mine just to test it and it was perfect.  So I am happy, happy with them.  Ordered two just in case I do that forgetful thing again.  It's next trips will be to the Caribbean, then Panama and Costa Rica, then Madagascar.  I do not plan on taking it with me in August on my trip to the Northwest Passage...way north of you folks in Alaska.  
Sort of ironic that you are making these in Alaska, don't you think?
Thanks from a satisfied customer.
Miriam- Highland Park, IL

I just had to post this:

I found your web site by googling cool scarves. Then when I saw that your scarves are made in Alaska and you put more crystals in your scarves, I looked no further. Finally something made in the USA. My 1st order was 5 scarves, I figured if they help then I don't want to wait and order more. The 1st scarf I soaked 20 minutes and the time was perfect. The 2nd scarf I soaked 20 minutes was not long enough I thought there was something wrong and I emailed you on it. About 5 minutes after I sent the email I got a phone call from Mark. While talking to him I realized I forgot this 2nd scarf was in water. As I told Mark it was now perfect expansion of the jell. I would guess about an additional 15 minutes for this 2nd scarf being in the water.  So it can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Put the scarf in for 20 minutes then check like every 5 minute or so after that.  I am so “glad” that I ordered these. They have been the best thing to keep the hot flashes away or down to a very minimum; so no more suffering. So anyone that is having hot flashes “” buy these"” I am proof they help. Oh and if anyone it wondering it takes about 4-5 days to dry completely (of just sitting; not wearing). Great product, great customer service, thank you.
-Charlene W.  Riverside, CA =)

They Worked Really Great!

Hi Mark and Charleen,
I bought some bandanas from you guys last year and now they will be in my family's Easeter baskets with a few extra! They worked really great with my hot flashes and when my girls were competing on their horses in the summer!
-Candy, NY

Amazing Products

Received your products a few months ago and they are amazing !  Thanks.

Gaye, Australia

Great Product!

When it's 118 F in the Grand Canyon and your mission requires full focus and clarity, it's nice to have a little help. I keep 3 of your bandanas in a cooler with an ice pack and put a fresh one around my neck before each flight. What a refreshing difference it makes. Thanks for making a great product and thanks for making it in America. God Bless America.

They were truly a lifesaver - I'm a believer

...Remember me? You sent me three Polar Breeze Bandanas with dolphin designs for use during my 50-mile "Dolphin Dash" fundraiser run on June 17th in preparation to go the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting in Agadir, Morocco.Well, I made it.

Not only did I finish, but I actually felt good enough at the end to jump over the finish line! :) It's no exaggeration to say that the run was much easier - much more comfortable - because I had the Polar Breeze Bandanas. They were magic! It was a very hot day - mid 80's- and though I was well-hydrated, the sun was unrelenting and the bandanas stayed moist and cool around my neck - perfect. My crew of three kept the bandanas rotated and now they're converts, too! ;)

I'm wondering if there are ways for us to partner together to feature Polar Breeze Bandanas as a product line at the upcoming ACS 12thInternational Conference, which will be held at the Embassy Suites,Monterey, CA from November 12th-14th. 
And thanks again for the bandanas – they truly were a lifesaver – I’m a believer!


Thanks for keeping us cool and in the saddle turning pedals.

Hi Mark and Charleen:

We are "Team Winter Garden Wheelworks," down here near Orlando Florida. This summer has been brutal. We frequently found ourselves riding in 100 degree plus heat. After having several people have "heat issues" and realizing that the wet bandana was not doing the trick I went in search of something that would keep us cool and on the trail. We would pedal between 50 and 100 miles on any given Saturday. I found you on the web and now we are able to complete our rides without anyone having a "heat bonk." We love your bandanas. Kathy has nicknamed them our "neck sausages." Thanks for keeping us cool and in the saddle turning pedals.

Sincerely, Steve K.

I already have some Polar Breeze Bandanas myself and love them.

 I already have some Polar Breeze Bandanas myself and love them.  I am part of a group of scrapbookers who meet in Breckenridge Colorado every year for a retreat.  I asked Charleen to make some bandanas for me to give to them.  While I was thinking of what fabric to use she told me she would find some fabric that had a scrapbooking theme on it.  She found the perfect fabric and my friends (The Breckenyaya's) loved them too and can't wait for warm weather to try them out. 

Thanks so much for your company; it eventually made a big difference for four people.

In June 2008, my husband and I went to Egypt on a tour. Knowing it was going to be incredibly warm, I consulted a friend who has been several times. He said, “You will need one of those cool bandanas. If you don’t have one, you’ll be sorry. My friend gave me one, but I have no idea where you can find one.” Without any luck whatsoever, I made calls and pilgrimages to every sports store and department in the usual big box stores in our area of Colorado. FINALLY, I had the presence of mind to turn to the Internet and found your site, Polar Breeze, when I “Googled” the keywords “Cool Bandanas.” We ordered four of them.

Our first day out on the tour was at Giza and the Great Pyramids. As you will see in our picture on “KFC the Camel,” my husband forgot his bandana, but I was so glad to have worn mine! It was over 100 degrees that day. The rest of the tour, we both remembered to wear them and were the envy of our group. Feeling sorry for some of the sufferers, we offered our extra two to them. Thanks so much for your company; it eventually made a big difference for four people.

Suzanne and John from Colorado