They are really helping me survive the heat

Hi guys! Just want to say I love the bandanas and they are really helping me survive the heat! It was 90 degrees here today....

Best service ever!

Received your bandanas in yesterday's mail. Best internet service order service I've ever had!  Of course, a cold front came yesterday as well, so I won't be able to try them yet.  Thanks for the great service!


A no-brainer

Thanks so much for the reply!  This fellow vet is headed to FL next week and not looking forward to the heat.  So when I was looking online for help to get through it, that's when I found your page.  Was a no-brainer. Thanks for offering such useful products.  
Go Army! 
Enjoy your summer! 

It works for the dog, thought we'd try them

Our pug Sadie just LOVES her bandanna! She copes so much better with the heat when wearing it so we thought we'd get one each for the whole family plus a few extra :-) Looking forward to the next time I see you both again, hopefully sooner than later!!
All the best,

119 Degrees Before Noon

Mark and Charleen,
My new Sports Cap and neck wrap arrived today where 119 degree heat will be reached before the noon hour in southern Iraq.  The items sent courtesy of my wife in San Diego, CA will definitely come in handy.
Weather Report
Al Basrah, Iraq
Local Reporting Station
Feels Like: 113°
Wind Chill:
Location:  30.5°N, 47.83°E 
Report Text: ORMM 100700Z 35008KT CAVOK 45/06 Q1003
Thanks Again,
Basrah, Iraq

I need to order more ASAP

Hi Guys,
Last summer I purchased a bunch of solid dark purple neck wraps for my business here in Las Vegas.  They worked perfectly through our scorching summer months so I need to order 10 more ASAP.
It's already 107 degrees today!  Yikes!
Angail-Las Vegas

We're Officially Cooking

Very much looking forward to receiving your product. We were devastated in the Colorado floods last September.  We lost over 1000 trees in our area and we are officially cooking. Your product will get a lot of attention this summer in our area. I'm going to be sure to tell everyone!! Thanks for putting out a good product....
Angie- CO

A Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the designs on the neck coolers I ordered.  My first experience with this product was when I bought one in Alice Springs, Australia.  "The Original Cobber" it was called. It really worked.  So, of course, I took it along to Cuba.  There it worked just great until I left it behind in a hotel mini-fridge.  :-(
When I discovered there are other people making the same thing I explored online and decided your product sounded the best and had the nicest fabric designs.  I soaked one of mine just to test it and it was perfect.  So I am happy, happy with them.  Ordered two just in case I do that forgetful thing again.  It's next trips will be to the Caribbean, then Panama and Costa Rica, then Madagascar.  I do not plan on taking it with me in August on my trip to the Northwest Passage...way north of you folks in Alaska.  
Sort of ironic that you are making these in Alaska, don't you think?
Thanks from a satisfied customer.
Miriam- Highland Park, IL

I just had to post this:

I found your web site by googling cool scarves. Then when I saw that your scarves are made in Alaska and you put more crystals in your scarves, I looked no further. Finally something made in the USA. My 1st order was 5 scarves, I figured if they help then I don't want to wait and order more. The 1st scarf I soaked 20 minutes and the time was perfect. The 2nd scarf I soaked 20 minutes was not long enough I thought there was something wrong and I emailed you on it. About 5 minutes after I sent the email I got a phone call from Mark. While talking to him I realized I forgot this 2nd scarf was in water. As I told Mark it was now perfect expansion of the jell. I would guess about an additional 15 minutes for this 2nd scarf being in the water.  So it can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Put the scarf in for 20 minutes then check like every 5 minute or so after that.  I am so “glad” that I ordered these. They have been the best thing to keep the hot flashes away or down to a very minimum; so no more suffering. So anyone that is having hot flashes “” buy these"” I am proof they help. Oh and if anyone it wondering it takes about 4-5 days to dry completely (of just sitting; not wearing). Great product, great customer service, thank you.
-Charlene W.  Riverside, CA =)

They Worked Really Great!

Hi Mark and Charleen,
I bought some bandanas from you guys last year and now they will be in my family's Easeter baskets with a few extra! They worked really great with my hot flashes and when my girls were competing on their horses in the summer!
-Candy, NY