Quick service and quality bandanas!

I always appreciate your quick service and quality bandanas. This will be the fifth year that I've worn them...

DB, California

Boob Toobs really helped me!

I got my order the other day from you...Wore the Boob Toobs today when I went to a cat show here and they were great to wear...Boob Toobs really helped me a lot...love them!

SM, Canada

Great for heat related issues!

A recommendation from Pinterest:
I do not usually recommend products but Polar Breeze Bandanas have been a life saver this summer in the heat. Great for all that have heat related issues. Travels easily too.  

Great For My Hot Spells

I purchased 3 of your cooling neck wraps over 4 years ago and have used them ever since!!! They are fantastic!!! They are great in hot weather, or in my case, through "my hot spells"! ha ha!! They store easily and are re-usable over and over! I highly recommend this product!!! Thank you SO much!

-Tracy G., United Kingdom

Too Old To Sweat Like This In Mississippi

Greetings from the great state of Mississippi! 

As you may know,  summer in south Mississippi is equator hot.

My husband really appreciated his cooling headwear. But, unfortunately,  he lost them, along with all work related items in an vehicle accident. He's safe,  but tools,  clothes, etc..... strewn along interstate 10.

If this is good to reorder,  please let me know.

-Too Old to Sweat Like This in Mississippi
Julie H., Mississippi

Cool as a Cucumber!

I am a custodian at an elementary school. During the summer while we wax the floors and get ready for the new school year, the county cuts off all AC so it gets hot! I ordered a light blue neck wrap and I stayed cool as a cucumber! Highly recommend these if you're working in high temps to stay cool all day long! Thanks!

-Barbara B., Tennessee

Blessed with temps in the 80's...

Hello from Kansas City!!! We've been blessed with temps in the 80's this week, but it'll be back in the 90's by the weekend.... I just wanted to say thank you, because I got your package a day after we spoke! Thank you for being so honorable!!! I'll stay in touch. I am blown away with your customer service and extremely grateful too! I'll be moving to Arizona in a couple months, so I'm sure they'll be getting plenty of use!!! I'll keep the new ones in a ziplock in the fridge & appreciate that tip! Thanks again.
Best Regards,   


Mom got her bandanas when she got home from work yesterday. She started using them last night. She's a school bus driver with no air conditioning so your product is helping keep her cool! Thanks again! 

Now Everybody Wants One

Yes!  Some of our employees who are working out in the 95 degree heat tried 5 different neck wraps.  You will be happy to know that your wrap kept them cool the longest.  My manager decided to order one for everyone!


Madras OR

They wouldn't give them back

Hi Mark and Charleen,
Thanks for the speedy service.  
I'm giving you 3 testimonies on your wonderful Polar Breeze Bandanas.
I bought 5 of them in July and just purchased 3 more for August. 
 I love mine!
It was 104 degrees in Sedona, AZ when I was there on vacation
in July  Your Polar Breeze Bandana saved my life.  I also bought
bandanas for my 7 yr old grandson, my daughter and son-in-law.
The bandana kept our neck and upper body cool and helped us be
more comfortable. 
I love the many designs and colors; I purchased 
Fireworks, Songbirds and Solar Flare.
The only problem I ran into was that one of the bandanas didn't swell
up fully like the others 
(the crystals didn't fill in the entire strip).  That was
the one disappointment.
I brought the 5 bandanas to a picnic last Sunday and let each of my
siblings wear one.  They said, "These are great, they're cool around
the neck."  By the end of the picnic (4.5 hours later) they didn't want to
give the bandanas back to me.  Subsequently I came home and purchased
3 more yesterday.  

Pleasanton, CA