A company that will keep us cool when it's hot, while warming our hearts at the same time!


Well, many of you know that I'm always on the search for small independent companies that sell products made in the USA. Whenever, I travel to another state I just love, love, love going to a MADE IN (choose your state) store. The uniqueness of the products make such a great souvenir! 

Not only that, you're supporting the local community AND the economy of our country overall.
I'm very pleased to share with you a new company to purchase the neck wraps that I mentioned about 8 months ago! I know from personal experience that these are truly life savers when it comes to dealing with heat and humidity!   

The company is Polar Breeze Bandanas located in Alaska!

The selection is the best I've ever seen and the prices are excellent!

They also sell forehead pads, while I'm not a doctor I would think these could assist you if you have a fever or a headache and of course they haven't forgotten your pets!

and wait there's more....while you are supporting a company located in the USA , also know that your purchase is supporting Breast Cancer Research

A company that will keep us cool when it's hot, while warming our hearts at the same time!

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