Thank you for having a great product.

I got your Hot Pink bandana and I love it. It is the only one I ever had that did what you said it would do. It kept me comfortable without getting warm and clammy.I told you we had a nasty heat wave in Roseburg, Oregon with temps at 102 and 103. The day after I got your bandana the temps went back up to 99 and even though I did not go out, I was comfortable inside as I do not have air conditioning. If I'm not mistaken, I believe I told you a lady made me one and her tails were about 5 inches and the part where the gel goes is almost 36 inches. Yours is much better and I was able to put it back in cold water every couple of hours and it was fine and so was I. Thank you for having a great product. I am planning on moving to Israel and if I can get all my stuff there, I will order a couple more before I leave. Otherwise, I will email you from Israel and hope you will be able to send them to me. Thanks for talking to me and helping me.Marcia A. Roseburg, Oregon

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