I can't tell you how your bandanas hooked me and my whole family up

Hi PolarBreezers-

     Holy BatMan I can't tell you how your bandanas hooked me and my whole family up. So here we were planning a trip to Florida in the middle of JULY to Disney.  SERIOUSLY, what were we thinking??? OK, so I decided to purchase the whole family, one each of your bandanas (I mean its the least I could do seeing that were footing the bill for the Disney trip).  So there they were these noodle looking thingies- hummm, lets give it a shot I wrapped it around my neck and chilled out and blessed it the whole day, while walking through the scorching parks. 
      The next day, THE WHOLE FAMILY had them on- cooling them intermittently throughout the park with the water fountains.  We all were singing their praises the whole trip! I just kept saying, why doesn't the whole park have these?  Sure people looked at us who didn't know what they were, but they had sweat pooling down their faces... HAHa!  If these bandannas were made with the favorite Disney creatures on them, they would sell LIKE HOTCAKES!!!! I am sure of it!! 
       Those darn 'Crocs' are all over the place at the amusement parks, so why not extend YOUR market and get Disney to sell them... what are they .35 cents to make and sell for 8-12 bucks!!! Careful though, they would just make them themselves, and sorta steal the idea, possibly?
      Gawd, you all could just make a mint with Disney in your corner! What about sending them to the executives and having them try them out (minus the caricatures, due to infringement laws)?      

Best wishes and Super continued Success in the future! And thanks again for the bandanas. 

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