I liked the fact that 10% of your sales goes to a good cause

Thank you.  I have to tell you a funny story about your web site that I think you might appreciate.  My husband lost his job a few months ago and in the meantime, he has been helping my niece with her landscaping service here in good old hot Georgia.  Thursday afternoon, after working in this heat for several hours, he passed out and came close to having a heat stroke.  I have one cooler bandana that I purchased several years ago and I use while walking/jogging.  I decided I needed to order a few for the entire family, especially my husband and niece for them to use outside working in the heat…which brings me to the funny part.  My husband was contacted yesterday about a job, from a company in Fairbanks.  Out of all the websites that popped up when I started my search for the cooler bandanas, your web site is the one that I clicked on first!  When I saw the “ Made in Fairbanks” pop up first thing, I just died laughing.  I did check a few of the other web sites and others had better deals, however, I liked the fact that 10% of your sales goes to a good cause…and who knows, maybe someday I get to actually come in your shop as a local!....

Thanks again,


Alpharetta, GA

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