A Satisfied Customer

Just wanted to tell you how much I love the designs on the neck coolers I ordered.  My first experience with this product was when I bought one in Alice Springs, Australia.  "The Original Cobber" it was called. It really worked.  So, of course, I took it along to Cuba.  There it worked just great until I left it behind in a hotel mini-fridge.  :-(
When I discovered there are other people making the same thing I explored online and decided your product sounded the best and had the nicest fabric designs.  I soaked one of mine just to test it and it was perfect.  So I am happy, happy with them.  Ordered two just in case I do that forgetful thing again.  It's next trips will be to the Caribbean, then Panama and Costa Rica, then Madagascar.  I do not plan on taking it with me in August on my trip to the Northwest Passage...way north of you folks in Alaska.  
Sort of ironic that you are making these in Alaska, don't you think?
Thanks from a satisfied customer.
Miriam- Highland Park, IL
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