I just had to post this:

I found your web site by googling cool scarves. Then when I saw that your scarves are made in Alaska and you put more crystals in your scarves, I looked no further. Finally something made in the USA. My 1st order was 5 scarves, I figured if they help then I don't want to wait and order more. The 1st scarf I soaked 20 minutes and the time was perfect. The 2nd scarf I soaked 20 minutes was not long enough I thought there was something wrong and I emailed you on it. About 5 minutes after I sent the email I got a phone call from Mark. While talking to him I realized I forgot this 2nd scarf was in water. As I told Mark it was now perfect expansion of the jell. I would guess about an additional 15 minutes for this 2nd scarf being in the water.  So it can take anywhere from 20-40 minutes. Put the scarf in for 20 minutes then check like every 5 minute or so after that.  I am so “glad” that I ordered these. They have been the best thing to keep the hot flashes away or down to a very minimum; so no more suffering. So anyone that is having hot flashes “” buy these"” I am proof they help. Oh and if anyone it wondering it takes about 4-5 days to dry completely (of just sitting; not wearing). Great product, great customer service, thank you.
-Charlene W.  Riverside, CA =)
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