Thank you for your prompt delivery!

Thank you for your prompt delivery of the neck coolers. They are on their way to two Marines ...(stationed overseas)!

SJ, California



I need to order a new one!

I want to order a Khaki Polar Breeze Bandana for $7.99 and shipping cost. I've loved the one that I ordered years ago. Thought that I need to order a new one! This has been a life saver for me as I battle the heat due to my MS. Thank you!!!

-SW, Kansas

I have issues with hot weather...

I am a cancer patient/survivor who uses your cooling neck wraps. After having radiation treatment, I have issues with hot weather, and rather than give up activities that I enjoy, I use cooling neck wraps.

-LB, Florida.

Kept me cool!

It worked great....and felt so good! Kept me cool while working. Put it on ice while I took a break and it was ready to go when I was! 

SL, Minnesota

They worked really well for me!

This was a recent post from Reddit about dealing with heat:

I got some of these for a trip to a hot place in august. They worked really well for me. Got the dog one for my dog too (she's a delicate flower in the heat) and she can last a lot longer outdoors in the summer wearing one.


Still look brand new!

Great customer care. Great product. Mine are on their 3 year and still look brand new!

DV in Nevada

Quick service and quality bandanas!

I always appreciate your quick service and quality bandanas. This will be the fifth year that I've worn them...

DB, California

Boob Toobs really helped me!

I got my order the other day from you...Wore the Boob Toobs today when I went to a cat show here and they were great to wear...Boob Toobs really helped me a lot...love them!

SM, Canada

Great for heat related issues!

A recommendation from Pinterest:
I do not usually recommend products but Polar Breeze Bandanas have been a life saver this summer in the heat. Great for all that have heat related issues. Travels easily too.  

Great For My Hot Spells

I purchased 3 of your cooling neck wraps over 4 years ago and have used them ever since!!! They are fantastic!!! They are great in hot weather, or in my case, through "my hot spells"! ha ha!! They store easily and are re-usable over and over! I highly recommend this product!!! Thank you SO much!

-Tracy G., United Kingdom

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